Ebonheart Application Template!

Post your character name in here along with a little something about yourself.
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Ebonheart Application Template!

Post#1 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:25 pm

Please copy and paste the template below in a new post. Fill out the required information.


(Required) Name you prefer to go by?

(Required) In-game Minecraft name?

(Required) What is your Age?

(Required) Did you read and agree with the rules on mc.ebonheart.us?


(Optional) Will you use our free Ventrilo server? (not required to join)

(Optional) How did you find out about us?


After your post, please allow some time for an admin to read it and add you to our whitelist! I personally hope you have fun and enjoy exploring the world as much as I do.

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